27 Nov - 3 Dec

This week was all about recovery. My coach planned all the sessions at a moderate intensity. It was a much needed recovery after the increased workload from the previous week. I stuck to the plan until Wednesday when I had a 45 minutes low intensity indoor bike session.  I started Zwift and found myself in a middle of a race. I couldn't hold back and ended up doing around 1h15 at a much higher intensity than planned. It was fun but not very smart, the legs felt really tired afterwards. For the rest of the week, I just followed the rest of the plan hoping I will be fully recovered by Sunday as the load will increase next week.


Total 6h41 

Swim - 0h30 / 1.6 km / 1 session

Bike - Indoor trainer 3h32 / 3 sessions 

Run - 2h38 / 33km / 3 sessions