13 Nov - 19 Nov

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When analyzing my training data from the last few years, it is obvious that the lack of volume is my main limiter to achieve better performances in triathlon. If I keep training as before, I might see a slight improvement as I have a better overall fitness but I won't take my performances to the next level. So I decided to start a new training routine by adding two-a-days workouts. This will allow me to increase volume and on the long term, fitness will hopefully increase as well. The goal is to consistently do this week in and week out for the coming months. My coach was more than happy to fill in my training schedule with more workouts :-) .

This week I had two days with double workouts with an early morning run before going to work and a late evening ride on the trainer. It was a bit tough to get up early but I'd better get used to it. ;-)

Wednesday run - intervals 3 x ( 700 - 600 - 500 - 400 )

Total 9h01

Strength and conditioning - 0h38 

Swim - 0h18 / 1 km / 1 session

Bike - Indoor trainer 3h56 / 3 sessions 

Run - 4h08 / 47km / 4 sessions