6 Nov - 12 Nov 2017

My 2017 season ended with a PB of 3h06 at Frankfurt Marathon. After one week of rest, I am slowly getting back to training with low volume and moderate intensity. My main focus for the coming weeks/months is to improve my power on the bike. This week, I (finally) decided to try out Zwift and I absolutely love it! While I rely on my coach for the structured training, I found that Zwift give the extra motivation to ride the bike indoor and makes the training session more enjoyable. It also adds the competitive edge that helps to keep the watts high. It can get very intense though, I need to make sure I stick to my coach's plan. ;-) 

Total 5h45

Bike - Indoor trainer 3h45 / 4 sessions

Run - 2h / 23km / 2 sessions

A nice and easy 12km run on Sunday

A nice and easy 12km run on Sunday