Seville Marathon 2019 Race Report

It’s been more than a year since my last marathon in Frankfurt in 2017. I had initially planned to run Frankfurt Marathon again in October 2018 but I got injured and I had to skip it. After recovering from my injury, I started looking for an early season marathon. With a PB of 3h06, I wanted a flat and fast course with good weather conditions to attempt breaking the sub 3 hour mark. Seville Marathon was the best option. The city is beautiful and the course is known to be totally flat. I was a bit worried about the temperature but I thought there was a very low risk to have a hot day in February, even in Spain…

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A deep dive into my Frankfurt Marathon data

After each training/race, I like to take time to analyze the data and assess my performance. Here is a closer look at my Frankfurt Marathon data.

The training

I decided to run Frankfurt Marathon mid September with the race taking place on the 29th of October. I was already in a decent shape but I was clearly lacking running volume.  I had only 6 weeks to get ready. That gives 4 weeks to build up running volume then 2 weeks to taper. 

The coach did his magic , I have done the hard work and, at the end of the 4 weeks of training, I felt in a great shape and was definitely ready for the race...

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